ParentPay is a more convenient, safe and secure way for you to pay for school meals and other items online.  When your child starts at the school you will receive a letter with a unique username and password. You must use this information when logging into the system for the first time. You will also need an active e-mail address.

Using your ParentPay account you will be able to:

  • pay for school meals and other items such as school trips, uniforms etc.
  • see the history of all the payments you have made
  • create one account for all of your children
  • receive receipts and automated reminders to top up your balance by email. Email reminders and receipts are free. You can receive reminders by SMS but there is a 6p charge per text for this service.
  • make payments 24 / 7 using any device that has internet access
  • pay by instalment for school trips

You will no longer have to send your children to school with cash or cheques, payments are immediate* and will credit your child’s account straight away. Once your school starts to use ParentPay we will no longer accept cash/cheque payments in school for school meals.




If you'd prefer not to pay online for school meals, you will be able to top up your ParentPay account by cash at local convenience stores, displaying the PayPoint logo.  Phone us on 01267 246537 to request a PayPoint card, the first card will be issued free of charge. If you lose the card, a replacement card will cost £1.50.  

You can only use your PayPoint card for school meal payments. If you wish to pay by PayPoint for school trips etc., the school will give you a letter with a barcode on it which you can take to your local shop. *PayPoint payments can take up to 36 hours to show in your ParentPay account.


If you have any queries or need assistance please contact:


Tel: 01267 246714